People: Management, Staff, & Board of Directors



Management & Staff

Kevin A., Grounds

Pat Byrd, Site Manager

Jejuan C., Maintenance

Deborah G., Certified Occupancy Specialist

Kim Marcus, Management Agent

Ralph Marcus, Management Agent

Mary Moyer, Account Specialist

Valentino P., Grounds

Chris Richardson, Maintenance Supervisor


Board of Directors

Dan Calderone, Secretary

Jerry Carlgille, Member at Large

Wanda Dawson, President

Stephanie Harrell, Treasurer

Jay Steichman, Vice President


What does the board of directors do?

A cooperative is a user-owned and user controlled business. But it is not possible for member-owners to directly make all cooperative decisions. That control is preserved by members electing directors to represent them in much of the operation of the cooperative.

The board of directors occupy a key position between members and hired management. They are elected volunteers who live in the co-op and want to help make sure their investment is protected. Simply stated, the main purpose of a cooperative board of directors is to set grand strategic goals and develop an overarching vision for the organization. The board comes together to set organizational objectives for upper-level managers, who translate grand strategic goals into more measurable and specific objectives. The board of directors bears the responsibility for moving the organization in a productive direction, as defined by the cooperative's strategic goals.